Revolutionary underwater spear gun – MAGNARPON.mpg

Revolutionary underwater spear gun - MAGNARPON.mpg

Underwater spear gun with a loading and unloading process revolutionary, where you can practice the sport not only stronger, but also women, teenagers and beginners, as the technique for loading does not require the support of the head on the body the diver but is done simply with both arms, giving the same tension on the rubber in the traditional way and with minimal effort. Investor seeks to market the product . My mail :
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17 thoughts on “Revolutionary underwater spear gun – MAGNARPON.mpg

  1. And if you want to put it in a hole and shoot? An if you want to stir it quikly and point at a fish coming from the left/right/??

  2. Neat design… But the butt looks the sane as the muzzle… hold it the wrong way round and you’ll shoot yourself in the face!!

  3. It would be easier to just load a speargun the conventional way. It would be more beneficial for a beginner to learn the conventional way instead of a shortcut like this. Good idea though.

  4. OK, this has applications in areas other than underwater sports fishing. I live in Arkansas where deer hunting with a crossbow is allowed. The main disadvantage of bow hunting period is that it has a far greater 3 dimensional presence and profile than, lets say a standard 30-06 rifle. If you hunt from an elevated stand or simply from a limb of a tree, the bow gets hung up in the covering branches. Put a feathered bolt in this thing with some really powerful rubber and I think it has promise.

  5. @JohnnySousaAzores you’re wrong. This gun uses a mechanical advantage. Very simple engineering. Also, scaling this design up would not result in structural issues. As an engineer I see this kind of mechanical advantage being used for many different applications, most of which have much higher loads than this. It’s fun playing armchair engineer though, isn’t it?

  6. the same amount of force is required to load that gun as it is to load a gun with the same size as that one, only that in a normal gun you apply the force with both arms in a linear way with the hand of the gun (not the head) resting on your body therefore its easier to load said gun because your torso is stronger than your arms.
    And because of structural issues that design its not suitable to larger guns, not to say you wouldnt get leverage advantage over the rubbers
    Im sticking t the old guns

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