Roller speargun

amazing roller speargun by Akula
Video Rating: 4 / 5 A team of adrenaline-junky father and sons attempted and achieved what’s never been defeated. They went speargun hunting for alligators — in the water. In Lake Okeechobee, in Florida, the men of Triple W Outdoors and Real Sea Camo used a Daryl Wong speargun to spear a 6-foot alligator right in the head. For wetsuit info, please visit:
Video Rating: 4 / 5


31 thoughts on “Roller speargun

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  2. enfermito nunka se le apunta a una puerta menos la de entrada a casa, porq por mas q no te quiera nadie y no recibas visitas puede q algun dia una persona quiera golpear tu puerta para venderte algo o para hacerte criistiano o lo q mas les guste.adios…boludin

  3. spearcho, what would be awesome is some slow motion footage of this cannon going off so we can all see exactly how it works…and then try and hang on to the bahemith u shoot, whatever it may be

  4. @dougodistructo911 You know how many “blue grouper” or whatever endanged species I’m assuming you’re referring to get caught as by catch every year by longliners? A lot more than spearos shoot.

  5. Haters – please go drive your prius to the nearest veggie market. Oh, and please die on the way there.

    Awesome video. Respect.

  6. MedMan has a cautioned you . Although this animal didnt suffer too much due to the well taken taken head shot… One has to take a dim view to this endevour. Develop a new broad head spear tip before spearing gators please .

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